I Just Moved To Arizona

Brandon, Carmen, and MojitoIt is true. I am not making this up.

My wife and I moved to Arizona in July 2009. We are originally from the East Coast, and decided to move after only a month of marriage. While people could say that it was very fast, rushed decision to move, we decided that we want to try out a new way of life, as we are young and adventurous.

We felt that Arizona would be able to offer us more than New York or New Jersey would. The cost of living, the housing prices, the outdoors, all of these factors plus starting a journey as husband and wife made our decision a no brainer!

It is not like we did it alone. Our friend made the move a year before us. He actually found us the first apartment that we moved into when we entered the state. This was such a huge help, so thank you Steve! Both of our cousins moved out here 10 and 15 years ago as well. So the friends and family made the move a much easier experience than doing it without any familiar people in the valley.

But now comes the hard part, we have to learn and adapt to a brand new way of life, in this new state and culture. By talking to people that have moved here from different states (roughly 95% of everyone I have spoken with) everyone has their own opinions and stories.

It is good to talk to people that have gone through this life change, but I did not feel that was enough. I wanted to reach more people, I wanted to share insights, experiences, and stories with all those who have made the journey. So my wife and I created I Moved To Arizona.com to act as a way of bringing all new and old Arizonians together. This site is meant to be a conduit of ideas. We want to promote all that is good about Arizona. Our opinions will only do so much, so we encourage everyone to comment and be active with your opinions on our posts, suggest new post topics, and be responsive. This is for us, the more we put in, the more we get out of it.

Do you want to contribute to our blog? Reach us on the feedback link and we will either create an article on your topic or ask you to be a member of our blog team. Our aim is to give an area on the web where people from all over can help each other in a very difficult adjustment: moving ot a new state!

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